Solomon Islands Project in 21st Century: Background

There have been some conclusive fieldworks conducted to clarify the relationships among environment, health and lifestyles in developing countries. For instance, one by Dr. Michael Alpers and his team in Papua New Guinea, and one started by Dr. Albert Damon and his team in 1960's and extended and followed up until 1980's --- so called "Harvard Solomon Islands Project" (Friedlaender JS, ed., 1987).

In 21st century, when infectious diseases still remain and simultaneously non-communicable diseases like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension are increasing in the developing countries suffering the effect of globalization and modernization. It suggests a new kind of health-transition. However, conclusive study has not been conducted yet.

In the present study, such a conclusive study become possible because the health and medicine based "Tasimboko Project" members will collaborate with the fieldworkers who have conducted their studies in various places of Solomon Islands for long years (Please refer the project web site in detail about the "Tasimboko Project").